Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday 2/17/11

Well Erika decided to kick up our workout . We do feell it. We did cardio hills at 3.5 then at the end I KICKED it up to 5.5 run  YA THATS RIGHT. It was only 1 min but WOW!!!! I hink due to having the stomach bug and only fluids for like 2 days I was a little dehydrated so I got a little nauseas but water helped. We then worked quads ,We did lunges with 15 # wt bar on shoulders and ball behind us did 3 sets for 2 min each then did walking lunges for 1 min each way. 3 sets, 3 set of front -side-back and center lunges for 2min then stretches. Lets says it was really hard but it felt so good. I could tell that being sick for 2 weeks was a backwards turn . Now we are meeting regularly and will get into a nice schedule dso I can get some weight off and in shape most of all. .

Sunday, January 30, 2011

!/29/11 Workout

We continue on this life long journey to a healthy life style and exercise. We had a busy day Sat. Basketball in am , Jacob was awsome at defense and shut the scorer down and his team won. Jay had socar in the afternoon so we were busy all day. Today we went to church then grocery shopping. We then met our trainer and did a great workout. She leaves Tues for a week in North Carolina with her family. We did upper body workout and abds it was a great workout. This week we are going on our own.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today was a great workout. We did the cycle room so we rode and did hill sprints at intervals which was work. It made my legs feel like jelly, so i know I had a good workout . We then did some leg exercises with weights ,abdominal exercises,and squats. We rode the bike again and did another round of exercises. It felt good and we have another session Sunday.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday 1/20/11

Well another workout down. We worked out with our trainer in the cycle room. We cycled for 20 min did weights for upper body and then another 20 min and another round of weights after that. We then ended with abdomanal muscles and I was still feeling them from Tuesday night. We did upper and lower abd so I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow. My arms are also a little sore so I know I am getting a good workout . Next week we only workout Thursday with Erica so I will go on my own Mon ,Wed, and Friday. I am really enjoying exercise,Yes I did just say that. I look forward to going to the YMCA, and Jacob even enjoys it. He has met our trainers daughter and they all played basketball Tuesday. Today he was playing cards in the kids room. Brionna my granddaughter came today as her mom worked ovetime til 5:30. Brionna could not wait to get her coat off she went toward the pool thinking it was swim lessons. Then Jay grabbed her hand and she ran toward the door where she plays she ran to each door which there are (3) , she goes thru to her play area and then ran in to play. She loves it there. Hope to see you all Monday night . Have a great weekend as we will be busy with basketball.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday 1/18/11

Well another day with our trainer. I really enjoy her and the push she gives us. She is positive and works out right along with us. Today the gym was packed so we did another type of machine like a cross trainer which was hard at first I put in level 4 with hills again and did 20 min. Then she said we needed to do 40 more minutes so when I finished that I put the level up to 5 and did a hill straight up and then down it really was hard but felt great. We then did 2 sets of wt circuits with our free weights for arms , shoulders, and back. We did squats and arms together and finished with abds on the ball 2 sets. It was a great workout . It is still hard to get there but once I do it really feels like I accomplished my goal for the day.  I came home and decided to weigh myself  I  lost 2.5 pounds. I am really happy and I'm still tweaking my diet but everyday I am adding more fruits and veggies. I relly can't wait to work out again Thursday ! Wow I didn't think I would say that.

Mon 1/17/11 workout

Well Monday was busy, I watched my grandson Austin and my son Jacob. We went to target and the grocery store, then watched Toy story #1 on a VCR tape. It was fun then I made a pot roast and carrots for dinner. Jacob and his dad went to Basketball practice. Dave is helping to coach Upward basketball for Jacobs team. I then went to workout really wanted to stay home but knew this was not what would help me to get in shape. I did 25 min on cross trainer level 5 up and down hills . I went 1.25 miles then I did 2 sets of squats on the ball. I want back in and did the hills on 3.5 treadmill .I went another 1.25 miles. It really felt great to go and workout .I even got home and showered before Dave and jacob arrived home.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Work out 4

Well we worked out Tues we started with 20 min on treadmill and I used 3.5 speed then I increased the incline to 2 . We then did 2 sets arm cicles with 5# shoulder presses ,  7.5 # ( 3 )  point curls with 7#  wts , dumbbell curls with 7.5 # , tricept press behind with bar , then did pull down with band . We immediately went to crosstrainers and did 20 min with level 5 and it felt very good .We did another set wt as above and finished with sit ups 2 sets of side and middle on the ball. It was a good workout and lots of fun. Our trainer works along with us so that makes it fun. We were suppose to meet Thursday but due to schedule conflict ( hair color appointment ) LOL .I need my grays covered !  Tomarrow will be 40 -60 min cardio as well as Mon. I am trying to cook healthier and eat that way. I have taken multigrain cheerios to work with fruit yougart ham rool ups and pretzals to munch on thru the day . When i get home i start dinner and I am not as hungry . I will be learning to post pictures so I can show you some of my workouts.  Any suggestions.